Congress of CPSA – cooperation with journals

VI. Congress of the Czech Political Science Association – Cooperation with Journals

In the connection to the upcoming VI. Congress of the Czech Political Science Association (basic information here), the Association cooperates with peer-reviewed journals which provides participants with an opportunity to publish their conference papers in special and/or normal issues of the following journals: Czech Political Science Review(“Politologicá revue”, accepts papers in Czech or English), Acta Politologica (papers in Czech or English), Annual of Language & Politics and Politics of Identity (ALPPI) (in English), Politics in Central Europe (in English), Czech Journal of Political Sciences (“Politologický časopis”; papers in English), International Relations (“Mezinárodní vztahy”; papers in Czech), Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (in English). These journals are listed in various databases including SCOPUS or ERIH.

Selected papers and panels can be published in special journal issues. Specific arrangements and focus of such special issues depend on participants’ activity and interest to take part in them. In order to publish in the mentioned journals, papers should meet quality requirements and fit into topics that are published a given journal.

Should you like to learn more about the cooperation with the journals, please contact secretary of the Association Aleš Karmazin.