About our Association

Czech Political Science Association (ČSPV) is voluntary organization of scientific and teaching professionals in Political Science, International Relations and other related disciplines (Political Philosophy, Political Geography, Security Studies etc.). The students of such disciplines can be members of the Association.

As a scientific organization, it focuses on support and development of the Political Science as a discipline and and seeks for tighter sooperation with other disciplines of social science.

The Association holds a Congress every three years for presenting the results of the work of its members (last Congress was held in 2015); it participates also on organization of various conferences and seminars.

ČSPV is a member of Council of Scientific Societies of the Czech Republic.

ČSPV is a member of international organizations: IPSA (from 1964) and CEPSA (from 1994).

The Association publishes a peer-reviewed scientific journal Czech Political Science Review (politologická revue) which is co-financed by the Council of Scientific Societies of the Czech Republic.